About Manchester NH Facility

HCA brand Premise, optical fiber, electronics cables and assemblies from the Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division of Hitachi Cable America, Inc. (HCA) are designed and produced at our modern 300,000 square foot facility located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and advanced engineering technology enable us to produce a wide range of products to meet all industry-standard and custom cable needs.

HCA is a standards and technology based manufacturing company. Our cables are designed to exceed the most stringent ANSI, UL and CSA requirements. In addition, all of our premise and fiber optic cables comply with TIA and ISO telecommunications cabling standards. The Manchester facility is ISO 9001 registered and is a showcase example of a fully-automated cable manufacturing plant.

"As an engineering driven company, Hitachi Cable America strongly believes that constant upgrades to equipment and processes throughout the plant are necessary to maintain a technological advantage over our competitors. Over the past few years, HCA has invested millions of dollars to install the most advanced cabling equipment available. HCA recently contracted a renowned equipment manufacture to design and build a custom cabling line. The line not only adds to manufacturing capacity, but also permits the manufacture of the next generation of communication cables, such as Category 7 (Class F) and Category 7A. Recently, the Manchester facility also took possession of four new Triple Torsion Twisters. These twisters operate at amazing speeds, consume less energy than their predecessors, and further increase the manufacturing output of our facility. These additions to our facility, as well as enhancements to our electronics and fiber optic manufacturing capabilities enable HCA to respond quickly to the needs of all our customers and provide the most technologically advanced products possible."

- Steve Kenney, Marketing Manager


HCA's Manchester facility is world renowned for our highly skilled manufacturing engineers and knowledgeable sales staff. We have unique expertise in building cables for high-end electronics and high-speed data applications that has earned us a reputation for industry excellence. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by the rigorous inspection and sampling program which is applied to every cable that is built in our facility. Whether our customers are looking for stock or custom cables, we have the experience, tools, and capacity to make every project the success that it was designed to be.